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Can I talk to you about my case for free?

Yes. Tom is happy to talk with people about their case, without charging a fee for the consultation. Even if it is a case that Tom is not able to take, Tom  can often make suggestions about what the caller can do, or refer them to other legal resources that may be able to provide assistance

Do I have to pay an attorney fee if I lose?

No money is collected unless we win.

How long will my case take?

Tom focuses on efficiently pursuing cases with the ultimate goal of providing clients with the maximum compensation they deserve. The time frame depends on the nature of each individual case.

What should I do if a lawyer who I did not contact approaches me or sends me unsolicited written information?

Short answer: donít hire any lawyer that you donít know or have not researched. The decision regarding who to trust with your case is one you should make carefully and only after conducting thorough research on who is best suited to help you. You should hire a highly experienced, well-respected personal injury trial attorney. Tom only handles cases for personal injury victims.

What should I do if Iím involved in an accident and someone from the insurance company contacts me?

You have no legal obligation to speak to any insurance company without first hiring an attorney to represent your legal interests. If you are contacted by an insurance representative after an accident, you should respectfully decline to speak with them about the facts of your accident, because if you do so, anything you tell them can be used against you later in a potential law suit. The best approach would be to conduct thorough research into a highly experienced, ethical trial lawyer who is best suited to help you. Tom would be honored to represent you, contact the insurance representative and handle the matter for you.

If Tom is not licensed in my state, can he still handle my case?

Absolutely. Tom can handle your case from beginning to end. In some circumstances, he may hire "local counsel" in your state to assist us in making sure we comply with your state's State Bar rules and regulations. If we need to take that path, you will not pay any extra attorney fee than you would if you hired an attorney from your state. We would pay her/him out of our state regulated attorney fee.




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